Innovation Day with IBM

By Carlo Guatterini, Pearson Business School student

Two weeks ago we took part in an industry event by Pearson PLC which was a triumph - Pearson College London students had the chance to meet some of the top Pearson managers as well as CEO, John Fallon) – This Friday we travelled across the Thames to IBM headquarters. 

IBM - the world’s largest IT and consulting services company – has been a great partner for Pearson PLC, but especially for Pearson College London: its industry-designed degrees are part of a larger collaboration between a wide variety of industry partners. 

After a warm welcome from the CEO of IBM UK, David Stokes, who took us through the long heritage of the company, it was time for Rod Bristow from our very own Pearson, who explained us the strong bond between the two companies. Following up the introduction, we had an interesting explanation about "Watson" from the CTO of Watson Europe, Duncan Anderson.

IBM event

Watson is a cognitive computer system, which understands human language and acts like a real human being, always learning and always able to give precise and accurate answers about any topic he is asked about. 

Bearing in mind the incredible role of Artificial Intelligence and its application to our everyday life, the second half of the day was focused on the real reason why students were there: pitching an idea about technology that inspires students, teachers and institutions. 

There is no doubt that IBM knows how to make these kind of events different. Starting from a simple exercise to “break the ice” to a whole new way of brainstorming ideas amongst teams. When it was time to pitch our ideas, even though you could feel anticipation in the air of the students, everyone was astonished by the quality and professionalism of each presentation. 

Thanks to the fascinating speakers and the great arrangement of the event -it was a success. Another incredible opportunity for Pearson College London students to be able to pitch to one of the most forward thinking companies in the world and test the skills learnt over their studies. 

IBM Event

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