What's next for the Pearson College London Student Association?

Pearson College Student Association

By Benjamin Britton, PCSA Events & Societies Director

With the initiation of a fully redesigned strategy now being implemented, and the welcome introduction of enthusiastic Freshers coming through our doors, PCSA’s Events and Societies programme is off to a superb start! 

The first of these, included a joyful Halloween party! When one sees ‘Mr Lucifer’ dancing to Thriller, you really know the pinnacle of October festivities has arrived. Students had a phenomenal evening burning the midnight oil, the merriment levels were interstellar. PCSA is rightfully achieving a reputation for Masters of the social scene. Well...considering only two weeks prior we were on a boat party down the Thames, there’s certainly few who would ever complain.

Other than the spectacular socials we’ve put on over the past couple of weeks, other events were focused on such things as Debating. With a strong turnout of bold and inquisitive young minds, the Debating event gave rise to the exchange of wisdom, in a controlled and truly professional manner. Even those who were shy at first, eased into the afternoon and produced arguments that left one deeply contemplating an entirely different way of thinking. We intend to run this event once again and have longer term ambitions, that far exceed just a group of individuals debating. We seek to invite influential guest speakers in, to advise our learners on the subtle art of debating. Not only that, our speakers will pro-actively develop student confidence and intellectual prowess. We’re also planning to take our Debating into the competitive arena! Going head to head with other institutions, Pearson College London aims to firmly place its name in front the eyes and ears of leading academics, whilst providing our students the opportunity to network and contribute to knowledge. 

Pearson College Student Association

The next event in our calendar will take students adrenaline levels to the extreme, as we further unify our working relationships.....by shooting each other. We are of course, Paintballing! After announcing the events potential via our social media channels, PCSA experienced the highest demand for an event in the shortest response time, in all the time it has been operational. We knew immediately that this was something we had to arrange as soon as possible I’m happy to announce that all the plans are in place and we’ll soon be making tickets available. It’s going to be a full day of yes, a healthy dose of pain. But also laughter, camaraderie and entertainment. Off the back of this event, we’re also planning to take a more technological stance, by creating a Laser Tag event. 

Event conception is not just for the PCSA though. We unanimously agreed, that socials design should also be directly in the hands of our students. It was therefore, ones idea to initiate an Events workshop. Working in collaboration with our supportive lecturers, PCSA is planning to run a semi-competitive workshop, in which students can propose any event that aligns with our principle 5 channels. With a minimal budget, students will need to think frugally I.e. get more for less! Votes will be cast and the winning team will have their event launched immediately by the PCSA. Each and every idea will be considered though, and likely form up the proceeding couple of months of our social calendar. 

It has been a pleasure getting to make the acquaintances of our vibrant and talented young Freshers! I’ve already been presented with longer term plans for an Investment society, and have been truly impressed with the proposers enthusiasm. 

Pearson College Student Association

2016 is going to be a remarkable year for Pearson College London!