Pearson College London Student Debates

Florence Stanton

By Florence Stanton, first year Business student 

Upon starting at Pearson College London just a few months ago, I knew immediately that I wanted to get involved as much as possible within the student community. With such a vast amount of opportunities it wasn't too hard to jump straight in. The first debating event on the 28th of October and arranged by the PCSA was set up as a trial to see if the debating event could evolve to become a debating society with regular meetings. 

After this first session, myself and Tino Chakadonha (VP of the PCSA) took on the task of developing the debating society. Current, controversial topics were chosen to allow for a real feel of how debating societies run at prestigious universities with years of experience in this realm. We also kept the format in keeping with the Oxbridge style, having been taught it by Ben Hughes (Vice Principal, Pearson College London) at the first event.

Participating in the debating society is great for establishing and growing key skills that are essential in the workplace, such as analytical skills, public speaking, research and a variety of others. That being said, the majority of participants are absolute beginners, so it's never too late to start. (There's also free food, so no downside!) 

With Pearson College London being relatively small and new, there are so many opportunities to trial events and ideas to see if they can be continued by future cohorts. As the amount of students each year increases vastly, there is huge potential for each and every event tried to continue and to flourish. Being part of the organisation of one of these events or societies is a great way to learn about personal leadership capabilities and strengths (not to mention it looks fab on a LinkedIn profile). Knowing and understanding personal strengths and weaknesses goes a long way for personal development, which is part of what university is all about.

Getting involved in the running of an event, or even just coming along to participate, is a great way to meet new people with similar interests and to really immerse yourself in university life. No matter your personal skills and expertise, the possibilities for events are pretty much limitless (although I can't see much future for a society for stapling jelly to trees), so whether you want to learn a new skill or teach one, go on interesting adventures or just make lifelong friends, societies and events are a fantastic way to do it. We may not all be on one big campus but that does not mean we can't generate some Pearson College London pride and community spirit.

The next debating event will be held in January 2016!

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