Student life in London!

Abbas Ali

By Abbas Ali, Final year Business & Enterprise student

If you want your undergraduate days to be remembered studying in London is the place to be. Being the home to over 100,000 international students from over 200 different nations (which is more than any city in the world) it’s certainly the ideal location.

As a student I’ve felt London is a very safe and a supportive city with Pearson College London giving you access to support both on and off campus. There are also student societies and clubs at university where you can meet new people and enjoy your favourite activities.

With Covent Garden just around the corner, Trafalgar Square a street away there’s so much going on and as a student in the prime of your life it’s the most interesting place to study.

Of course this goes without saying that there are a few negatives such as, the crowded tube at 9am for one! This is all forgotten though when you walk past memorable icons, or decide to go through a stroll down Russell Square to get some peace and quiet. Personally for me I feel that living in London is a tourist experience because you’re constantly discovering something new.

My favourite thing about London is how spontaneous you can be. The recent things I’ve been up to in London are:

  • Attended a conversation with Eric Reis, founder of The Lean Startup and I managed to get my book signed by him!
  • Invited for a seminar at the United States embassy discussing climate change.
  • Hosting a British Diplomat at our 80 Strand classroom where he discussed his journey as a’ former refugee turned diplomat’

In London nothing is further than a tube ride away, so come and see it for yourself!

If you have any questions feel free to tweet me - @1abbasali

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