Top tips for staying focused during the festive season!

Hayley Hewett

By Hayley Hewett, Final year Business & Enterprise student

Deadlines are approaching, christmas presents need to be bought and you haven't even started revision for your January exams. Don’t panic - I have put together some handy tips to help you be productive and have the time to enjoy a few mince pies.

Get online
Dedicate your after-work time to online shopping. If you are searching forgifts and sales after work then you will not be tempted to do this the next day when you are supposed to be focusing on your assignments.

Combine shopping and socialising
Christmas is a time to catch up with old andnew friends, work colleagues and family; sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the christmas break to see everyone. I have found that doing present shopping with friends helps to to fit everything in.

Be flexible
I find it is better to write weekly goals than to make a strict timetable. Christmas time is a time of spontaneity and you might miss out on something fun if your schedule is too rigid.

Deal with important tasks first
Morning is the most productive part of the day formost of us, so it’s better to get the most important tasks done in this part of the day. Doing this you might get some free minutes for daydreaming about the holidays in the afternoon.

Understand what relaxes you
It might be watching Love Actually, playing amusical instrument  or baking some festive treats.. make sure you know how to de-stress yourself, this will be crucial for staying on top of things.

Think about the consequences if you don’t finish the work
It’s not a niceapproach but this might motivate you.

Like everything else, we have to find a balance between work and Christmas preparations. Follow these tips and you will have your most productive Christmas yet - you never know what Santa might bring if you are really good this year!

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