Insight Day with Three Mobile

Jess Armitage

By Jess Armitage, second year Business & Management with Global Industries student 

On Friday 12th February I was able to attend an insight day with Three Mobile.

A chance to travel outside of London to their HQ in Maidenhead saw a group of Pearson College London students hop on the nearest train in the bid of some fresh air. 

Three has joined forces with My Kinda Future, which is connecting big businesses with young people. We met Colin who is part of this programme and led us through what is to be expected.

This includes gaining new skills and confidence that can be taken forward into the world of work. He also led us through an exercise of "try and sell this pen to me", as people who have watched The Wolf of Wall Street will be familiar with... it is not as easy as it sounds when you are put on the spot!

Three is running workshops throughout March and April, with the deadline closing at the end of February. These workshops are an additional opportunity for students to show off the skills they have learnt and for networking. I really wanted to attend this insight day to see what Three offered. From this day I have learnt how selling yourself in interviews is so important. You have to sell yourself as a product, with your hard and soft skills incorporated into this. Backing your claims up with evidence is also important, as this is further showing your skills. 

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