Our FTSE 100 Investment Banking Society


By Andrea Valente, Business & Enterprise student

Pearson College London prides itself in promoting a new way to obtain a degree, the Pearson Business School offers its students the ability to create and nurture various societies that will develop skills vital to success in their future careers.

Upon hearing this, I was keen to understand the potential benefits that an investment banking society would give. My vision for the society was to give students an insight to trading and how the different markets work, and eventually in the longer term, start trading.

I started the society from scratch after consulting some of my peers, the interest grew exponentially. It took only a few days before we had a healthy base of students. It was at this time I looked at options for our first event.

For our first meeting we were invited to the Trading Expo in Covent Garden. The event gave us the opportunity to learn from experienced traders and attend various workshops on the analysis of charts, and the ‘know-how' of picking the right time to invest in the market.

I have always been intrigued by how traders create liquidity in the market using bid and ask spread whereas the conditions changes. The society has enabled me to gain knowledge in these areas and also provides me to network and connect with brokers and traders.

Pearson Business School Investment Society

Our second event took place at Pearson HQ (80 Strand), where we welcomed established trader Gavin Holmes, CEO of the TradeGuider Systems International. He is a Global Hedge Fund Manager, and allowed my peers and I to draw on his wealth of knowledge. He introduced us to the basics of trading and taught us his recipe for success. He highlighted the usefulness of volume spread analysis and how to follow 'smart money' and how these two factors to interlink to enable success in trading. 

Whilst I was in high school in Italy I had a set time for extra curricular pursuits, however, this was rarely enough time to achieve my objectives. Currently at Pearson College London the scheduling of the timetable and the topics that we study make it easier for me to see and realise my future goals and this is what I believe university should be all about. Furthermore, now my goals are aligned with colleagues around me, making friends with the people who have the same mindset has pushed me further and taught me various lessons.

Pearson College London enables us as students to create societies that enhance our practical business skills along with the different workshops and industry days built into our courses. This is not only a new way to a degree, but a unique environment that creates the opportunity to build a bridge between our current development status and our career goals.

Pearson Business School Investment Society

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