Unilever Industry Day with Pearson College London


By Karyn Odili, Pearson Business School student

Aside from the fact that I was privileged to be in the same room with the CEO of Unilever and Pearson PLC, my overall experience of the Industry day will be one to remember throughout the lifecycle of my career and beyond.

It was an incredible experience to learn from the different department heads, all in one day. I was particularly blown away by their passion for the organization and reinforcement of Unilever’s people focus model throughout their presentations. (Brand Love Triangle)

Unilever’s ART model (Authenticity Relevance and Talkability) as highlighted by The Global Media Strategy Director Carrie Timms, will be a strategic framework that can be applied to all areas of my college projects and job roles in the future. I took away the fact that this framework can be applied in all areas of strategic planning, resulting in brand loyalty and business success if implemented effectively. 

Giles Morrison who is the Global Creative Director, gave a profound statement which highlighted the fact the ‘if you improve people’s lives and put them first, growth will follow’. I understood that we as future leaders should look beyond a profitable organization with an attractive brand image, and make employment choices based on the impact an organization has to the wider environment.

Paul Polman
Unilever Foundry

After a few hours of exceptional presentations on Unilever, good food and Pearson’s very own personalized Marmite jar sitting at each table, I imagined the last presentation by Paul Polman (CEO, Unilever), would cover the profitability of the company, employee satisfaction rate etc, however his words were not what I expected, it made me view my career goals differently and also appreciate the quality of teaching and experience received by Pearson College London. 

His speech ended with the reason for brands existence and how organizations have the power to eradicate poverty and also improve the health and welfare of those in need.

This industry day has inspired me in so many ways and also equipped with the necessary skills needed to face the challenging job market, from building on my creative and innovative skills as developed in the student challenge, as well as a wealth of knowledge gained from the different department heads. 

I was particularly impressed by the Unilever Foundry, which is a creative platform for idea generation and Unilever’s current digital platform used for effective social listening as demonstrated in Dove/Twitter Speak Beautiful campaign to solve real life problems faced by women. My experience at Unilever would be one to remember, and as I develop my career, all I have learnt will be used as a benchmark to make positive career choices. Without Pearson College London I would not be writing this blog about my day at Unilever and I look forward to more industry days to further enhance my skills.

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