Pearson Business School Case Study: Paloma Shakouri

Paloma Shakouri

By Paloma Shakouri, second year Pearson Business School Student

“When deciding where to study, my best advice would be to make sure the institution and the course are the right fit for you. It could be the best university for the subject in the tables, but it has also got to feel right. The happier you are at university, the better you are likely to do in the subject. 

I remember when choosing universities myself, how crucial it was to speak to current students in order to truly understand exactly what to expect and gauge whether the institution is the right place for me; particularly as higher education is so different to sixth form.

Pearson Business School students

The opportunities we have studying here at Pearson College London are incredible! This week I have been working on a project with the Pearson Product Life Cycle team for the Unilever Foundry, and helped present our ideas at their headquarters. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been to the Ministry of Defence for an industry day and pitched at IBM, where I was delighted to be part of a small group selected to visit their innovation centre.

Pearson Business School students

You can read more about life as a student at Pearson College London from my blog posts on the Pearson College London website and my published articles on LinkedIn through the Student Voices campaign.”

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