Pearson Business School Case Study: Zvikomborero

We caught up with first year Pearson Business School student Zvikomborero Chimkupete to find out how his time at Pearson College London has been.

How did you hear about Pearson Business School and Pearson College London?

I heard about Pearson College London, through the BBC apprenticeship scheme and then when I didn't make it through the BBC apprenticeship scheme Pearson College London sent me an email offering me a 50% scholarship and inviting me to an Open Day!

Why did you decide to join the course?

I attended a Pearson College London open day, where they explained how the course is delivered,from the combination of linking the everyday learning with industry days to apply what we are learning to currently - it sounded perfect for me.

Has the course met your expectations?

To a great extent the course has exceeded my expectations due to the great lecturers we have. Not only are they good at delivering the modules, most of them are higly involved in the industries they are teaching us about and some of them even own their own businesses. So we are being taught by actual business professionals not just academics which is a great experience because they have current knowledge of the Business world. 

What is your favourite part about studying at Pearson College London?

My favourite part about studying at Pearson College London is the way the Seminars are delivered. It's very different and innovative, and we get to learn and practice what we learn in the form of debates, discussions, simulated business start ups. It is really practicing what we are learning which is the best way! Industry Days are also my favourite part - the fact that we get to network with some of greatest organisations in the world like IBM and Unilever means we get to experience their world and even get to take part in challenges that involve obstacles that these international organisations are facing, now that's a once in a life time opportunity!

What have you learnt so far and would you recommend your current course to anyone that applies through the BBC scheme this year? 

The very first rule which is at the heart of Pearson Business School is the importance of networking, and Pearson College London for me doesn't only state that as a rule but they have managed to equip me with the skills that enhance my networking skills. Then they go the extra mile by providing the students with Industry Days  where you get to network using these new skills you have learnt. So on that basis alone I would strongly recommend my course to anyone that's applying through the BBC Scheme.

It's useful for students that are in the same position that you were in this time last year to receive advice to help them at this stage; with that in mind, what advice would you give to students that apply for the BBC scheme but don't get a place with the BBC?

I would advise them that the BBC is a great organisation and not getting a place can be devastating but with the amount of industry partners Pearson College London has, it offers alot more opportunities in other industries, including the media industry as well as the BBC itself. So I would strongly recommend for these students to attend a Pearson College London open day when they receive the invite.

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