EU Statement - Pearson College London

By Roxanne Stockwell, Principal, Pearson College London

Given the events of last week I would like to take the opportunity to say that Pearson College London is completely committed to providing a welcoming, diverse and vibrant community for students and staff from across the globe.

We are part of a global education company, and we consider that the opportunity for international engagement of all kinds is essential for the future all our students, both in the creative industries and in business. The most important way that can happen is by having students from other countries study with us, and we have many examples of EU students who have enhanced our education community at both Pearson Business School and Escape Studios.  

While change is inevitable, it is important to remember that altering our relationship with the EU will not be an overnight process and there will be a gradual, managed exit that should take at least two years. We would expect to see many opportunities for consultation on how this will affect students studying in the UK, and therefore be able to join with other universities and colleges in helping shape the future.

We already have some clarity on student loans. For EU nationals currently in receipt of student loans, the Student Loans Company has confirmed that students will continue to receive these loans until they have finished their studies. This applies equally to all EU students planning to start a degree this year i.e. provided you are eligible for loans these will be available till you have finished. You can check details here

Furthermore, there is no indication that the referendum will have any immediate impact on EU or international applicants, nor to the immigration status of current and prospective EU or international students and staff. I can also confirm that we will not be changing our entrance criteria or tuition fees for any current students or those planning to enrol this year. This applies to both our short courses and degrees.

This means that all of our current students, including those expecting to start this year, should be able to continue as planned. This applies to all our courses, whether it is a short course at Escape Studios or a degree at Pearson Business School or Escape.

In the months and years ahead we will do everything we can to ensure that students and staff from EU countries can continue to study and work in Britain. International students and staff are extremely important to us and in my view providing a global outlook is a crucial part of a university education, now more than ever. As an organisation committed to education, we will continue to be advocates for a world that is more open, connected and inclusive.

If any students, prospective students or parents would like to speak to us about this please contact our enquiries team on 0207 348 1920 or email

Kind regards,

Roxanne Stockwell
Principal, Pearson College London