My Internship with Ogilvy

Jack Preson

We caught up with final year Business management student Jack Preston to find out how his internship at Ogilvy was! 

On day one at Ogilvy, I walked into their offices to find an atmosphere more akin to a buzzing party than the traditional stuffy offices that so many corporations seem to strive to create. As a playlist of hip-hop, jazz, pop and just about any form of music you can think of flowed from the high-end speakers, people discussed key accounts in front of what must be one of the most spectacular views in London.

By 10:15am I was working on a crowdfunding effort that was seeking to raise £1m for a new DNA lab to help prevent miscarriages of justice (coincidently I had just handed in my dissertation on how to create a successful crowdfunding project the week before). With that section of work complete, six hours later I was required on another project, which was attempting to increase pressure on the government to protect homes and businesses from fire damage. This style of switching and working across multiple accounts continued for two weeks – and I loved it. The words, “Jack, I am working on X, could you do Y for me?” still ring in my ears.

Whilst one minute I was helping brief account managers a piece of potential new business that was one of the UK’s largest coffee chains, the next I was helping to identify potential sponsorship deals and design campaigns that one of the world’s leading sportswear brands could deploy upon launching an innovative new product.

This variation in work, combined with the culture at Ogilvy made for an unforgettable two weeks. I was able to connect with some of the most influential people in advertising and PR as well as make friends that I continue to keep in touch with.

Student co-creators

Jacks natural aptitude for communications and strategic thinking was invaluable to us here at Ogilvy. He demonstrated a great understanding of the job that needed to be done, and went above and beyond in delivering client presentable work on every occasion. It's clear that at Pearson Business School the academic delivery with a strong emphasis on practical work, along with the real passion carried through its students, helps turn ambitious students into career ready young professionals.

Edmund Howard, Senior Account Executive at Ogilvy

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