What Recruiters Look For On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with over 400 million users worldwide! It's a useful platform to help users to connect with colleagues, classmates, friends and industry professionals. Connecting with these groups of people and building a network can open doors and opportunities for future employment and progression in your chosen career. Below are some top tips and helpful advice on how you can utilize LinkedIn and really stand out from the crowd. 


How to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  • Putting a face to a profile is usually important for recruiters. According to an article on www.cio.com, data from LinkedIn shows that people with a profile photo are 14 times more likely to have their profile viewed than those without
  • Use an appropriate image - ensure the look and feel of your profile is appropriate for the type of organisation you're hoping to join, so dress for the job you want!
  • Smile! Everyone likes to work with friendly faces, so make sure you appear approachable in your photo

Standing out starts with you: who you are, want you want and what you're good at. Make it personal. We encourage our users to upload a profile pic and put their (real) personal ambitions in their headline.

Vincent at magnet.me

Role Summary

  • Strong headline - ensure the headline you use makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Include key information - following your profile image and a headline, this is normally the first part of your LinkedIn profile that a recruiter will read, so it’s best to make it short and snappy. Think of it like an ‘elevator pitch’ and make sure you include details of your key skills within here. 
  • Include links to key portfolio highlights - do you have an online portfolio that you can link to? Do you have any video content or other digital resources you can link to here, to really showcase your work?
  • Showcase up to date and relevant experience - keep a strong updated list of work experience and skills gained
  • Use the most relevant keywords - keywords are king! The more that you highlight your accomplishments and field-related skills, the quicker a recruiter will be able to review your profile and make the decision to reach out

Add your industry

  • You can now add the industry in which you work, to your profile. This helps when recruiters are searching for profiles as it helps to ensure you are discoverable on the short-list!

Skills & Endorsements

  • Add all of your relevant experience and key skills (ensuring they're relevant to your desired role or current position) to your LinkedIn profile e.g if you work in marketing, what experience do you have? List all key skills that are applicable, such as SEO, social media etc
  • The more endorsements you have the better, providing they are from credible sources. The best way to do this is by endorsing others you have worked or studied with.

Build relationships

The relationships you build can be important for when you're trying to make the next step in your career. Mutual connections can be helpful in getting to know people that could eventually help you to land that dream job!

  • Start building connections as quickly as you can. You can start with people close to home such as friends, family, school teachers etc
  • Utilize LinkedIn's connection suggestions as these are based on who you are already connected with so can be quite relevant!
  • Keep in touch with your connections by updating your LinkedIn with interesting content and discussions
  • Join relevant forums and groups that will help you reach out to a wider pool of connections who could help you make that next step in your career! 

Join groups of particular interest to your future career. These will not only keep you informed of developments in industries but also appear on your profile, which is a positive signal to recruiters.

Will Holt, Dean of Pearson Business School

Connect with as many people as you can. Networking is the main ingredient of innovation.

Daniel Hulme, Pearson Business School Tutor and CEO of Satalia 

LinkedIn isn't just about staying in touch with those you've worked with or making new contacts. It's a really great way to get your message out there - who you are, what you do and what's important to you. The old adage that 'people buy people' is true, so maybe consider some career-relevant posts or articles you've written to really spread the message of what you're all about.

Rod Brazier, Pearson Business School tutor

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