Business Incubator Programme Open Day!

Student Support Associate, Viktorija

By Viktorija, Student Support Associate at Pearson College London

The Business Incubator Programme is a new Pearson Business School initiative. An event was held earlier this month, to launch the project at our new MidTown campus, located at 190 High Holborn. 

The Business Incubator Programme offers free office space for 12 months to
one Edtech start-up, in exchange for sharing their experience with Pearson
Business School students, involving them in projects and providing them with valuable business insights. The programme will create amazing opportunities for student learning and development as well as give them a chance to get involved in real life projects.

Roxanne Stockwell (Principal, Pearson College London) kicked off the
evening with an in-depth and interesting talk on life at Pearson College
London, how we work with industry (especially SMEs), the reasons behind
establishing a unique incubator programme within our premises and finally her vision for the future of the institution. She emphasised the importance of work experience in improving student’s career prospects and how the Business Incubator Programme will help students to get an invaluable insight into a start-up lifecycle and early stages of new business development. She also explained the benefits of participating in the project for start-ups. 

Pearson College London, MidTown campus
Pearson College London MidTown campus

This was followed by an engaging keynote speech from Eva Weber (Investment Director, Venture Founders) who shared her eclectic background and useful insights into maximising opportunities in the SME sector; this was particularly poignant, considering the majority of the audience run start-ups. She explained start-up financing stages, what to pay attention to when looking for start-up funding and what they need to think about when they are looking to expand.

Finally, Pearson Business School graduate, David Porter explained the
nature of the incubator programme. He focused on how it started as a theoretical concept, during his studies, which he and the staff at Pearson College London turned into a live project. The evening finished with light hearted networking session over drinks and nibbles and it was indeed a great success bringing over 70 people together around the UK and further afield (as far as Holland)!

We are excited at the prospect of an EdTech start-up joining us in January 2017, which we believe will provide mutual benefits for them to grow as well as numerous opportunities for our students.

Pearson College London MidTown campus

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