Pearson College London Banking Society visits New York!

Pearson College London Banking society

In July of 2016, Pearson Business School students, Andrea Valente and Maxime van den Berg visited the State University of New York in New Paltz (SUNY) to participate in a three-week Corporate Financial Management course.

The course gave us the opportunity to go down to Manhattan during the weekends to explore both industry-related firms and enjoy the vibrant culture of NYC!  The course was an incredible experience. We learnt a lot during those three weeks, from performing financial calculations to presenting our findings in an appropriate and coherent matter. Each week we had a different teacher that brought some of their own experience to the table. We learnt a lot from all three, not only the course material they shared but also about their own experiences with finance, stocks and accounting and financial practices.

We also had the chance to take a look into two very large businesses and see what life is like on a daily basis. We visited Mediacom, a large TV and phone-line network provider across the US, and also NewBridge Securities Corp. situated in the Rockefeller Center. We had the opportunity to meet the owners and Financial Directors of both companies to hear their story. We learnt a lot about what it took for them to get to where they are now which was inspirational! We must say both offices looked astounding!

Pearson College London Banking Society
Pearson College London Banking Society visits New York!

Apart from studying throughout the week we also had the chance to experience college life in the United States of America as we were based on campus. We enjoyed the amazing views upstate New York has to offer and the college level nationalism so stereotypical to university life in the States, Go Hawks! All in all, it has been amongst the most valuable and enlightening experiences to date at Pearson College London and we would be happy to go again in a blink of an eye. The amount of knowledge we have gathered both academically throughout the course and socially outside of it was amazing. 

The best part, is that we would now transfer these unique knowledge to the Pearson College London's Banking Society which we both founded last year. We have different events lined up for this academic year with professionals from JPM, RBS and many other financial firms. Furthermore, we do not want to limit the horizons of our society members to only these fields, as we are also promoting and scouting members/speakers from the Real Estate Market, Consulting and Legal!

Pearson College London Banking Society visits New York!

Also, we are preparing a extra curricular finance course reporting the main topics covered during our Summer School in New York. This will not only allow all the members of our society to benefit from our summer commitment, but will help us all prepare for the incoming summer internships.

Pearson Business School allowed us to have a unique summer experience, linking academics to the professional world. We are both eager to continue this unique pathway in the new way to a degree, where we will be on the journey to achieving our dreams!

Pearson College London Banking Society visits New York!

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