IBM Industry Day 2016!


Earlier this month, our Pearson Business School students recently attended an engaging industry day at IBM. The IBM industry workshop was a fantastic opportunity to discover IBM’s latest innovations and to explore their Southbank-based London HQ.

We caught up with a few of our students to find out how they found the day!

"I learnt a lot from the IBM industry day. I gained a lot of insight about some of the projects IBM has created from the people that spoke at the event, for example, taking a drone into space and how this can help in disasters in the world. Those that spoke encouraged us to ask questions which kept us engaged and interested in what they had to say. I really enjoyed that the day had a team activity at the end, this meant that we fully understood IBM’s Watson system and did not just sit around listening to talks all day but actually had an interactive experience. This also gave us the opportunity to talk to some people that were already working at IBM to find out what it is really like to work there. Finally, although I was not in one of the winning teams, I thought it was great that IBM gave those who were in the winning teams a chance to visit their innovation labs."
Melissa Wimble, First Year Pearson Business School student

"The IBM industry day was of great interest to me; I have a keen regard to the technological side of business, particularly in it's ability to disrupt and transform an industry. Being able to listen to experts in AI from a business standpoint was an invaluable insight both to the engineering and marketing challenges that must be overcome to bring a truly revolutionary product into the forefront of the consumers lifestyle. Examples such as drones being adapted to save not just civilian lives, but the firefighters operating them opens up a whole scope of AI piloting skills. This offers contrary considerations for what jobs companies such as IBM enhance or create, rather than the generically accepted ideology that suggests AI will mainly replace jobs.

As I move onto the latter stages of my first term, I have taken much of what I learned into account when it comes to writing my own essays. I plan on dealing with the challenges faced by virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence and what potential disruptive and innovative influences they may have on the modern marketplace. The limits of the physical world are being broken down and built upon and the chance to interact so closely with IBM at their client centre was key for me to observe the arguably industry and world leader in technological advancement.

The opportunity I received to return and visit IBM's engineering campus is particularly of use and interest to me, as it will allow me to gain a non-business related insight into the processes behind fueling innovation."
Thomas Dearlove, Final Year Pearson Business School student

"The IBM industry event was an insightful day which provided an interesting and knowledgeable experience. The task we took part in was great, as it gave us an insight into what IBM are working on e.g. IBM Watson. As well as this we were working with the graduates and interns, which helped us to understand what it would be like working for IBM once we have graduated or if we secured an internship within the company.

The presentations were good and everyone was extremely helpful. The day was great and I enjoyed working in IBM's revolutionary building as it promoted creative thinking and provided a brilliant atmosphere"
Isaac Wilson, First Year Pearson Business School student

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