Student Takeover: Accelerating your degree!

Jess Armitage

By Jess Armitage, Pearson Business School graduate

Jess started studying our Business Management with Global Industries degree in September 2014 and was lucky enough to graduate this October - a year ahead of her peers - because of our accelerated option.

Why did you decide to accelerate?
I decided to go down this route after finding out about it on the website and at an Open Day. The thought of studying a three year course in only two years really appealed to me, as I felt it would essentially give myself insight into working in industry.

How does accelerating work? (How did you make up the extra time?)
Accelerating your degree* entitles students to complete a three year degree in two, and you work on three modules throughout the summer; essentially putting you ahead a term. The first summer allows you to still have some time off to relax, whereas the second is a lot more intense (but that is to be expected when you are writing a dissertation.)

Was the workload manageable?
The final semester of studying was obviously stressful, the workload is at the highest and it can be overwhelming at times. However, with good time-management skills and tutor support it is definitely manageable. In essence, the pressure of the work has helped to developed my skills in problem solving and prioritising workloads.

How many people were accelerating with you?
There were six students from my year accelerating with me, which resulted in an even smaller class compared to what I had previously experienced. I really enjoyed it, as on some modules I had classes with only a few other students, which was basically one-on-one tuition.

Pearson Business School students
Pearson Business School students
Pearson Business School students
Pearson Business School students

Did you still get to take part in an internship?
Because accelerating means working through the summer, I was only able to do a three week internship compared to others who had the chance to intern for 6 months, but it is possible to complete a longer internship within the first summer when you will have more free time.

Why is it beneficial for students to accelerate?
From a financial viewpoint, I have saved a year of accommodation/living expenses compared to completing a three year course and I am a graduate at the age of 20!  Accelerating has made my time at Pearson College London highly beneficial towards my next steps towards my future career path due to the personal skills developed and the academic reward.

What are you doing now that you’ve graduated?
I graduated in October, and I am currently working as a Student Support Associate for Pearson Business School. I work with the Events and Marketing departments as these are areas I could possibly see a career in, and this experience is allowing me future development and growth opportunities.

How do you think your time at Pearson Business School has prepared you for the future?
My time at Pearson Business School has allowed me an insight into the world of work, as I have experienced real life situations that happen in a FTSE 100 company. I feel confident in my next steps, and have been able to attend many Industry Days which have helped make my decision based on my career.

*Please note: It is not possible to apply for an accelerated programme; on completion of level 4, our full-time students have the opportunity to request to accelerate to a two-year Business Management programme.  The decision to allow this is based on the student's performance in their assessments in the programme so far and you will need to satisfy performance criteria in the first two terms to be considered for it.

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