Pearson College London featured on Marketing Media Money

Earlier this month, Kate James, Chief Corporate Affairs and Global Marketing Officer at Pearson was featured in an interview with CNBC’s ‘Marketing Media Money’ discussing Pearson, her role and exciting initiatives going on across the company, one of them being Pearson College London.

Pearson has recently undergone a transformation from owning an impressive portfolio of businesses to now shifting its focus to solely education which Kate says is a very exciting opportunity for the FTSE 100 company. Kate shares: “the opportunity for us is to step back and really focus on those areas where we get the greatest return and also think about the synergies. So a lot of the work that we have been doing this year in setting up our new global marketing capability is building those centers of expertise”.

The filming took place at our brand new MidTown campus in Holborn and three of our Pearson Business School students had the opportunity to chat to Kate about their different aspirations after graduating:

“Post university I would really like to complete a masters programme at some point, ideally at Pearson College London, if one becomes developed. Also, in addition to my studies, I am a co-founder and director of a gin company called Birdcage Gin (link) so absolutely we would love to continue that into the future. That was actually developed within the commercial enterprise module. We had weekly meetings with mentors and they went through every stage with us and we of course had to learn for ourselves but the support was always there and it really has been a learning experience.”

Paloma Shakouri, Business Management with Entrepreneurship student at Pearson College London

“I’d actually like to go travelling, see the world and then decide. I’d like to go to South East Asia and then end up in Australia!”

Deniz Kadri, Business Management with Entrepreneurship student at Pearson College London

"In my first year, I had the opportunity to volunteer abroad so I went to Uganda and I did a programme called ICS, which is a government funded project where you go out there and work with local entrepreneurs. I was working with 7-10 entrepreneurs that ranged from someone who was selling cosmetics in a basket to someone who had a sugar cane farm and that was what I did in my first year and it was all through Pearson College London and in my second year I had the opportunity to work for an insurance start up called Brolly"

Hermon Amanuel, Business Management with Entrepreneurship student at Pearson College London

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