Skills Gap Crisis: Should Business Take the Lead? January 2017 Lunch Discussion

Let’s face it, there’s an elephant in the room and a big snow-white space on the CV’s of today’s young job-hopefuls.

Woe to the modern business leader searching for a young bright spark to employ, only to find their would-be graduate trailblazer lacking in some of the basic communication or digital skills and with no industry-specific experience needed to do the job. This is a lose/lose situation.

With a skills gap as wide as the equidistance between Land’s End to John O’Groats, who should roll up their sleeves and take the lead? Should UK businesses grab the bull by the horns and drive radical change within the education system? Does Ben Hughes, Vice-Principal Industry Engagement at Pearson College London, hold the answer? Join the debate at 12pm on 17th January at the Zen China Restaurant and hear from Ben as well as the Westminster Business Council, business leaders, policy and education professionals for the lunch discussion.

This is a great opportunity to discuss one of the major challenges facing contemporary business, all whilst enjoying an exquisite 5 course lunch. Be speedy! There is limited availability for this event, so book yourself a place today to avoid the disappointment of missing your chance to join like-minded business leaders to discuss important issues over lunch.

“I am very excited about discussing the skills gap crisis with business leaders and fellow educators in the new year - an issue at the heart of Pearson College London's thinking in shaping our degrees to fit the needs of the business community”

Ben Hughes, Vice Principal of Pearson College London

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