A Student's View of Pearson College London

Take a look at our campus from the eyes of our new undergraduate students!

For the Student Takeover, we asked our new students to share with us what their favourite part of Pearson College London was and we wanted to share their responses with you.

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My favourite room in Pearson College London is Rapture. I’ve chosen this room as my favourite because it is where I have the chance to learn new and exciting things. I also get to interact with others who share my interest and excitement not only to learn but, to be creative. The fact that each machine has all the software we could need and all the hardware for the computers are of really good specifications, allows students to just get on with their work without worrying.

Friedrich Schneidau- Animation Student


This photo was taken in 2015 on my visit to London for the Pearson College London open day. The view from 80 Strand was unforgettable and my expectations of student-life in London were exceeded. The surroundings of the University, learning about the course and meeting students from Pearson College London sold the university to me that day and I set myself a goal to become a student here. This photo was my phone lock screen for about a year which stood as a constant reminder as to what I was working towards and where my career-pathway would begin to take shape.

Tom Burnett- Business Management with Global Industries student


For our introductory business challenge my group and I spent a lot of our time here collaborating together and refining our ideas for our proposal. This kind of approach to learning is exactly what I wanted from Higher Education and is the main reason why I came to Pearson College London. The Pearson College London approach of “Learning by doing” is something I felt would be most effective in building industry skills and relations for my career. Being able to speak to fellow students about our ideas in a very creative, open environment gave our proposal the best chance of success.

Jake Buckley- Business Management with Marketing student


My favourite part of Pearson Business School is where the framed statements from past and present Pearson Business School and Escape Studio students hang. I like this area because it is motivational for students starting to study here. I also like the comfortable seating area underneath it as it provides an open space for students to interact and study in their free time. It is a positive area which I believe represents Pearson College London’s overall values of ‘teamwork’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Engagement’.

Martha Horrox- Business Management student


Coming into a brand new place with brand new people can be quite daunting to make those first conversations. That’s why this space, so far, is my favourite spot. There are always people buzzing about, whether that be friends, other students or lecturers. You can have great conversations about anything and everything. If not, it’s a great place to sit and study. Most importantly though, you’re within touching distance of the free coffee!

Talia Grantham- Business and Global Enterprise student


This area is secluded yet open. It’s convenient in regards to the allocation of the booth and the space provided and it's ideal for whenever you’re trying to get work done or socialising with friends. I also adore the way the booths look as it's simple and modern, plus the simplistic design  allows me to focus more on my work. Overall, it is a beautiful, spacious and calm area to get things done.

Aaliya Oomerjeo- Accounting and Finance student


My favourite place is the seating area by the kitchen, most specifically the wall with the quote because it has a motivational saying that you can reflect on whilst doing work or waiting for your lecture. The quote speaks out to me because it doesn’t only inspire me to keep moving but also look back from where I’ve come from and keep in touch with roots whilst still dreaming and achieving.

Cristal Gallano - Business Management with Global Industries student


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