Why I chose to study Accounting at Pearson Business School

Accounting at Pearson Business School

Hi future students, my name is Bradley and I am in my second year of the MSci Professional Accounting in Business course at Pearson Business School. I've written this blog to tell you why I chose to study here, what the course has included so far and to give you some tips for your Personal Statement.

I chose this course because my end goal is to become a Chartered Accountant and my motivation for studying at Pearson Business School comes down to three main factors.

Firstly, their class sizes are much smaller than those of the other universities I had looked at and this really appealed to me. In my class there are only 6 people which means that the tutors have more time to go through things properly and to make sure each individual person fully understands and gets the help they need.

Secondly, I chose it because of the exam accreditation from ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants). To become a Chartered Accountant you have to undertake a set of professional exams which are extremely expensive. However doing the four year intergrated-masters course at Pearson Business School you cover all of the professional exams meaning that you are a fully exam qualified accountant when you leave.

If you choose the three year BSc course, you will get the first nine exams covered, so there's just a few more left after graduating. This is a lot more appealing to employers as they don't need to pay for you to do the exams. Also Pearson Business School is one of the few universities to offer all of the exams within the course.

Lastly, my reason for coming to Pearson Business School is due to the number of industry links they have. All lecturers have industry experience and many even still work in the industry which means they have a lot of connections they can introduce you to. The College is also part of Pearson Plc - the only FTSE 100 to offer degrees in the UK.

My experience so far...

So far on the course I've learnt many different things. In my first year I studied Corporate Reporting, Management Reporting, Introduction to Economics, Principles of Business and Business Maths. 

  • Corporate Reporting is about how to understand and create financial statements including a balance sheet and profit and loss account and understanding what it means. 
  • Management Reporting is about taking the numbers and saying what they mean so that you could present them to someone who has no idea about accounting. 
  • Principles of business was a full year module which taught us about all the different areas of a business then got us to apply our understanding by setting up our own one.

Out of all my modules last year I would say that my favourite was Management Reporting and Corporate Reporting. Although they were challenging, I really enjoyed the challenge and being taught to understand the documents and what they mean.

This year so far I've started studying Fundamentals of Contract Law, Taxation and Business Ethics. I'm really enjoying these modules so far and I cannot pick a favourite as I enjoy them all equally.

If you're applying to Pearson Business School, you'll need a Personal Statement so I've included some useful tips below.

Personal Statement tips for Accounting applicants

Here are some of my top tips:

    • Start it as soon as possible - so you can write a few different drafts
    • Continuously ask for feedback from teachers 
    • Ask Student Ambassadors for their advice (you can contact me via The Access Platform)- we've been in the same position!
    • Include both study-related experiences and things that you have done outside of school or college

Overall Pearson Business School is a great place to study Accounting, with dedicated tutors with industry experience, lots of industry exposure and exam exemptions, all based in a small family feel environment.

Honestly, what's not to love?

If you have any questions for me about the degree or student life, head to my profile on The Access Platform.

Hopefully I'll see you soon,