Could you be the reason someone chooses Pearson College London?

Student Ambassador

What does it mean to be a Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors are those students who have successfully applied to represent Pearson College London. To be one, you need to be passionate about Higher Education, your chosen course / discipline and want to share your experience and passion with other people.

But why become one?   

Becoming a Student Ambassador is a great way to develop your Employability Skills while studying, as well as allowing you to earn some money on the side! We provide all Ambassadors with thorough training, and also plan in Employability sessions throughout the year. Skills you can develop include:

  • Public Speaking
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Team Work
  • Event Management experience
  • Leadership
  • Time Management and organisation

It’s also a fantastic role for anyone who is interested in Events & Student Recruitment, as it allows you to participate in many different types of work across the college, including:

  • Open Days & Taster Days
  • UCAS & HE Fairs
  • Assessment Days
  • Lecture & Seminar Series 

Being an Ambassador provides a great opportunity to represent the College, and to encourage other young people to feel inspired about Higher Education (and your specific subject). Applicants often highlight how important speaking with current students is in their journey to university, as Ambassadors, having recently been through the same process, are ideally placed to provide support and guidance.  

Pearson College London is committed to industry engagement, and indeed working as a Student Ambassador is no different. We regularly invite industry speakers to our events, which provides you, as an Ambassador, with a key opportunity to network! Most recently, we had Mark Pascoe from DNeg talking about working as a Compositor, and Jamie Thomas from Google!

But perhaps more than all of this, and as cheesy as it may sound, the Ambassador scheme at Pearson College London is like one big family. It allows students to socialise with peers on other courses, in different year groups, and across schools. As Ambassador Managers, we’re also there to support our Ambassadors through their time at university, whether that may be providing a reference for a job, or offering advice on an issue they may be experiencing. If this isn’t enough to tempt you, we have Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream at Open Days!

It’s truly a rewarding experience managing the team of Ambassadors, and seeing them all grow in confidence - they’re a crucial part of the Student Recruitment team at Pearson College London.

Written by Hannah Pinney