WeWork Sponsored Degree Event

TAP Founders

Pearson College London has built a reputation for offering new and innovative courses as an alternative to traditional degrees from Universities in the UK. One of our newest course offerings is a Degree Apprenticeship Scheme that is aimed specifically at SMEs and Start-Ups. The thinking behind such a scheme was to offer smaller enterprises the same benefits that the larger corporates have experienced from having a Degree Apprentice.

To promote and create urgency around our new scheme, the B2B team set up an event at a WeWork co-working space where we hope to attract SMEs to learn more about the offering. We arrived just before 6 a.m. to set up, where we were met by a very helpful team from the workspace who had helped with the set up themselves which was much appreciated.

Shortly after, the presentation team of James Thomas and Apoorva Chaudhry arrived followed closely by Degree Apprentice Tom Fry from SME The Square who liaised together before the anticipated arrival of our audience. Our audience was comprised of a variety of people who came with an open mind, keen to learn more about our new scheme. There was a quick reception upon their arrival with some drinks and a chance for everyone to introduce themselves to each other before everyone took their seats for the Sponsored Degrees Presentation.

Once everyone had settled, the dream team of James and Apoorva took over. James begun with an introduction to Pearson College London, outlining its key objectives and where the college is currently with regards to student numbers and partners we currently use for existing schemes. With the audience impressed and now engaged in the talk, James proceeded to explain the ins and outs of the scheme, how it would operate and the benefits that the SMEs such as the ones present could see from having a Degree Apprentice. This flowed perfectly into a testimonial from Tom Fry, an SME Degree Apprentice himself, he portrayed for those present what it is like to be a degree apprentice and the mindset of one in an organisation of a smaller size.

A tirade of tasking questions followed from our guests, but our team were more than up for the challenge, the answers which impressed those present. Apoorva then spoke on the academic side of the course, going into detail about our bespoke modules and how these modules can be tailored to the needs of the company, something which is an attractive attribute of our schemes to employers. In addition, she also explained in detail the structure of the course from exams to coursework and also the support which students receive to help them navigate an intense course such as a sponsored degree. These messages were well received and with that the talk came to an end with further questions following from our audience.

With the evening slipping away from us, we left the seating area and headed to the WeWork Bar where pizza was available and some more drinks for our guests. Here further compelling discussions were had showing evermore the interest that there was from this group in our scheme. With the close of the evening and the departure of our audience, was the close of a successful event.