How to make the most of UCAS Extra 2017

Mike Stacey

Our Applicant Advisor, Michael Stacey, shares some top tips on how you can make the most of UCAS Extra. UCAS Extra opens on Saturday 25th February 2017.

Choosing the University where you will be studying at for the next three or fours year can be a daunting task and the same goes for when you unexpectedly do not receive any offers, or are unhappy with the offers you did receive. This is where UCAS Extra comes in to help.



What is UCAS Extra? 

UCAS Extra is a free service which enables you to apply for an extra course between 25th February 2017 – 4th July 2017 and is available to students who;

  • Have used all five options through UCAS and don’t want to accept the offers
  • Are currently not holding any offers from their choices

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The essential facts

  • Please remember that by declining your initial five offers and adding an Extra choice will prevent you from accepting any of your original choices  at a later stage.
  • The easiest way of checking UCAS Extra eligibility is by using UCAS Track. If you are eligible, an option of ‘Add an Extra Choice’ will appear on your choice selection page. This is your way of using UCAS Extra by searching and selecting courses using ‘UCAS Course Search’ at no extra cost.

A few tips from me to you…

  • Chose your course carefully
    It is important to take your time and consider your choice carefully, as you can only use the service to apply once at a time.  Leave time to do some thorough research, and ask the right questions to the institutions you are interested in. If Pearson College London is somewhere you’re considering applying to, don’t hesitate to call us on 02087 129 753 to chat through your options.
  • Analyse your current application
    It is important to take time assessing your previous application including your current personal statement, which after researching your UCAS Extra course, may not be entirely relevant and as up to date as it could be. You can contact your ‘Extra’ choice university with an updated Personal Statement which expresses the relevant enthusiasm for your new choice.
  • Book a Personal Visit
    We offer Personal Visits at our MidTown Campus, as well as Open House Wednesdays where you can have a 1-2-1 chat with a tutor, an applicant advisor and a member of the admissions team. 

Keep in touch

If you'd like to come in for a look around, or would like to have a chat about our courses you can get in touch via;

Telephone: 02087 129 753

Thinking of making an application to us through UCAS Extra? Take a look at our range of Pearson Business School undergraduate programmes.