The Access Platform - Hackathon

Last week, Pearson Business School students battled it out, to create their own student recruitment concepts. They pitched to a professional panel of judges from academic institutions and digital companies; The TAP Hackathon was run in collaboration with our business incubator - The Access Platform. 

On Wednesday afternoon, on the 22nd March, Pearson Business School students took part in a very exciting Hackathon with our business incubator - The Access Platform (TAP). The aim of the day was to get students pitching their student recruitment ideas for £20,000 seed money in order to start their own businesses. The students got to hear from George Olsen and Nik Higgins from The Access Platform, along with Taylor O’Callaghan from Student Recruitment at Pearson College London, before forming teams to put their ideas together. 

There were three student teams; TEE, International Student Aid Service and Karma - who came up with ideas, which included implementing software into primary schools to engage students in potential career opportunities from an early age and supporting the EU, whilst the other teams took the angle of supporting international students with moving to the UK for the first time for university.

The presentations were judged by our very own James Thomas - Head of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, John Chadfield - Digital Product Strategist at White October, a Digital Product Studio, and Andy Smith - Senior Outreach Officer at City University. After some tough questions, the judges chose TEE as their winners (although there were no losers!) and all three teams celebrated with pizza and beers.

This is what the The Access Platform team had to say

All of the teams involved performed fantastically and the air was thick with the excitement of new ventures. What was most notable in their contributions, however, was the relevance of their personal experience. The personal proximity of the students to the process of ‘getting in’ to university meant that their ideas were fresh, relevant, and inherently innovative.