Wunderman Wantedness: A Student's Perspective - Hannah Folwell

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Hannah Folwell shares her experience attending the Wunderman Wantedness launch event, which included a high profile panel discussion with representatives from Facebook, Airbnb and Shell!

It's 8.45am and the lounge at the Soho Hotel is beginning to gradually fill up with marketers and advertisers from across London. Everyone’s here to find out about the latest trending concept, 'wantedness'. 


So what is Wantedness? 

Wantedness is, “the degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customer’s business across every touch point and throughout the entire path to purchase", founded by Wunderman's recent study. According to the research, brands need to forgo traditional loyalty programmes and begin to demonstrate customer commitment, by exceeding expectations every day.

The event included an 'A-List' marketing panel to discuss the practicalities of 'wantedness' and how their consumers control their brands relationships, hosted by Wunderman’s global CEO Mark Read.

The panellists were...   

  • Caroline Hudack, Regional Brand Marketing Director at Airbnb.
  • Carolyn Mckeever, Global Head of Loyalty at Shell. 
  • Phillipa Snare, Marketing Director at Facebook.

has improved their customer’s journey by making it as convenient as possible, whilst Facebook’s development of algorithms and in app offerings has allowed Facebook to understand their customer’s priorities and provide personalised suggestions for users. Airbnb has put customer experience at the forefront of their values and this has benefited their vast user community. 

The discussion that followed brought three key themes to the attention of the audience, including: 

  • Convenience, understanding customer’s preferences
  • Sharing your customer's beliefs and values.
  • Investing in digital technology and new payment methods. 

The main piece of advice that I took out of the event were the three golden rules to exceed customer expectation:

1). Get to know your customers

2). Deliver products and services for your customers

3). Keep winning your customers, never fail to impress them

For more insight into Wunderman’s research please visit: https://www.wantedness.com/