Hippodrome Casino Industry Workshop, a Student's Perspective - by William Monanage

Students were invited to visit the glamourous Hippodrome Casino, in the heart of central London. Simon Thomas, CEO of the Hippodrome Casino, gave a rare insight into London's entertainment and nightlife industry.  William Monanage, a Pearson Business School BBC Degree Apprenticeship student, reports on his experience...

The Hippodrome Casino industry outing was an opportunity that highlighted the great potential to network and get a hands-on experience in the business world. We went over to the historical Hippodrome Casino location, not far from Leicester Square, to discover an insight into the business of London Entertainment.

The evening began in a classy tucked-away theatre room, that had had seen the likes of Prince on its stage. On the stage this night was Simon Thomas, the CEO of the Hippodrome, who gave us an intriguing presentation into the Hippodrome and how he went about setting up the multimillion business. The passion and struggle he went through to complete what now is his ‘business baby’ was conveyed in his talk about the long and challenge laden journey to success. In listening to Simon’s experiences, we developed a real appreciation of everything that went behind closed doors and the lively casino that surrounded us.

After the talk, the floor was open to questions where people fired questions ranging from the morals of a gambling business to what drives a person to embark on such a chancy venture. Simon maintained a canny ability to provide detailed and to the point answers; the experience and professionalism was clear. 

Once the industry presentation was wrapped up, trays of food and drink were brought out, sparking the beginnings of a raucous evening and opening up the prospect of a mid-week night out. But despite the presentation being over, Simon remained in the hall allowing for students to ask a load of further questions personally. A lucky selection of us were offered a tour of the casino by the man himself, as he shared stories that would have otherwise been a mystery to us all, including  celebrities and other big names that had all contributed to the culture of the building.

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