How to survive Results Day, Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment


There are lots of different reasons why people enter Clearing and Adjustment. It’s not just for people who have missed their offer. People also enter Clearing because they have changed their mind about the course they want to do or the university they want to go to or applied after the UCAS deadline. If you meet and exceed the conditions of your firm offer, then you also have the option to ‘trade up’ through Adjustment.


But, how can you get the best outcome for you?

Before Results Day

If you think you might enter Clearing or Adjustment, start looking at university websites now. Many institutions, including Pearson Business School, will publish information from July onwards, though some will wait until A Level results day to publish which courses are available.

Research and planning is key. Think about not only which universities have spaces, but where would you want to go. The usual advice about choosing the university that’s right for you still applies! Make a shortlist of universities that you want to contact on results day - it will reduce stress on the day and mean that you don’t make decisions in a panic.

On Results Day

Make sure you have everything to hand before you phone up universities, like your UCAS ID, Clearing number and exam results. It’s also a good idea to reread your personal statement.

Phone the universities on your shortlist. Lots of other people will be calling at the same time, so be prepared to wait to get through to each university. Every university will have a slightly different way of doing things, but at Pearson Business School, when you call us (0203 7335 656) you’ll first speak to one of our friendly Applicant Advisors, who will take down your details. Then, you’ll have a short interview over the phone with one of our tutors. We’ll then invite you in for a Business School Workshops - if you’re successful on that day, not only will you get a place on the course, you'll also get a partial tuition fee waiver too.


Even though you’re going through Clearing or Adjustment, you are still making a decision that is going to affect you for the next three or more years of your life. Don’t gamble and go to a university that you’ve never visited before - it might work out, but it might not. So, make sure that you visit before making your final decision. Most universities have specific Clearing open days - Pearson Business School’s is on Saturday 19th August and you’ll be able to take part in the Business School Workshop the same day.

Keep an open mind

Going through Clearing and Adjustment might mean that you go somewhere you hadn’t originally planned to go, but most people who go through it end up having a great experience. If you don’t find exactly what you want in Clearing & Adjustment (for instance, our Escape Studios courses are now full for 2017 entry), then remember that taking a gap year and reapplying is an entirely valid choice.