Half way there - Preparing to apply to university!

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If you’re reading this it probably means you’ve just finished the first year of your A-Levels or BTEC’s and will be making an application to university very soon. I’m in my second year of studying Business Management with Marketing at Pearson Business School and have some advice for students applying to university in September as well as some information about why I choose Pearson Business School and what I’ve been up to this summer.

Advice to students applying for University
Deciding which university to attend is usually one of the hardest decisions to make because your choice will determine conditions of your future career. The advice I would give to students that are applying for University are;

  • Attend open days, taster days and any workshops offered to get a feel for what it’s like to study there
  • Ask as many questions as you can about the course you’re interested in, the campus and the city and don't just wait until the open day to ask questions  - use emails, make phone calls and utilise social media to ask questions, send direct messages and book phone calls with our staff and student ambassadors.
  • Experience is everything: make sure you choose a University that places an importance on not only education but also offers some form of work experience or internships
  • The most important factor? Make sure you have a passion for what you want to study. Explore how that course is delivered and what modules you will be taking.

Why did I chose Pearson Business School?
I originally applied for the BBC Apprenticeship scheme after deciding that university wasn’t for me. I was one of the finalists for that scheme but the assessment process was very competitive and I didn’t make the cut of successful applicants. Nevertheless, I was lucky enough to be contacted by Pearson Business School who offered me a chance to study with them. I attended an Open Day and learned about the uniqueness of the studying there.

Pearson Business School has pioneered an intriguing way of combining education with industry in every process of a student’s two or three years of study and the modules have been designed by both the tutors and the industry partners (who also offer opportunities for the students to come to their organisations for experiences purposes through Workshops) which is why I joined Pearson College London!

Of course, I was a sceptical at first as I had never heard of it, but after spending two years here I must say I couldn’t think of any better alternative to studying for my degree! Besides the innovative way of degree studying, Pearson Business School has helped me build my confidence and communication skills through the amount of networking and presentations I get to do to my peers in seminars and even to our industry partners on industry days and during industry projects.

What I’ve been up to this Summer
If you're a full time student at Pearson Business School, you're guaranteed at least one internship (subject to academic performance) which is usually in the summer of your second year. I'm currently interning in the Marketing and Events team here at Pearson College London. Since starting the internship in July I have helped out with events management and creating content for the marketing team.

I get to cover most sides of both departments and how they work closely to contribute to the success of the business. In marketing, I have been working on research and content creation. Research based marketing is all about researching what the current trends are in our target markets, what marketing campaigns have worked in the past and which platforms we are getting the most customer engagement from. From this experience I have gained an understanding of how broad marketing is as an industry. Working on content has been my favourite as during this time I have worked on social media and learnt how to use applications like Hootsuite and Salesforce which I can now add to my CV!

The events team manage all events that take place at Pearson College London and although there is an impression that as an intern all you do is photocopy documents and reply to emails and my internship has been really hands-on and has consisted of shadowing the events manager and even running events myself which has been an amazing experience.

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