Reasons to be positive about Clearing

Students talking about Clearing

Clearing should not be seen as a last resort, but as an opportunity to do the best you possibly can with the grades you have achieved. With the help and support of advisors and with the wide range of places available, the possibilities are limitless. You may even find yourself in a better position than where you started!


  • Your grades can go a lot further
    During Clearing, lots of university places become available for students who have not achieved  their predicted grades. This means that lots of places are up for grabs and even better, universities often lower the grade boundaries during Clearing, so you can potentially still get a place.
  • It’s the perfect time for a big change
    Clearing is perfect for those who decide that their initial subject or university choice is no longer right for them. Students sometimes choose to change their subject choice quite drastically and this often works out for the best. For example, David Porter who studied Business and Enterprise at Pearson College London, originally chose to study veterinary medicine, before discovering his entrepreneurial side, further down the line. 
  • There are more places than ever before
    The number of students securing a place through Clearing is rising year on year, which means universities are well geared for the Clearing period and have more spaces than ever before to offer. More spaces also means more choice, so don’t look at going through Clearing as limiting your options, it may open up new doors for you.
  • There’s so much help out there
    From parents, teachers, news articles and even the universities themselves, there’s endless amounts of support out there during Clearing. It can be a confusing time and decisions need to be made quickly, so universities and advisors have all the information you need to make what is potentially a stressful period, a calm and decisive one.
  • You can often make better decisions in hindsight
    Making a decision about what course you want to study and what university you want to go to, before you have completed your A Levels (or equivalent), can be difficult. Being able to make a decision once you’ve finished school or college and with advice from friends or family members who have also gone through the process, can really help you to make a more informed decisions about what is right for you.
  • Move fast to secure the best place for you
    You don’t have to take the first offer, so make sure you give yourself some time, to do more research and pick the course and institution that’s right for you.

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