Bloomberg's Intern of the Year - Pearson Business School student, Andrea Valente

Andrea Valente, Bloomberg LP

We caught up with second year Pearson Business School student, Andrea Valente. He's just completed a 10 week internship at Bloomberg LP and recently won the 2017 Intern of the Year Award, as best performing summer analyst.

Congratulations Andrea! 

How did you find out about the internship?

I interned during the Spring with Bloomberg last year (2016) whilst I was a first year student. However, I have always been fascinated by financial markets and read Bloomberg for news and to gather financial information since the age of 14, so the choice to apply for their 2017 intern programme was automatic.

What was your role during your internship?   

My 10 week rotational internship took place in the Analytics & Sales division at Bloomberg LP. I was covering the analytics for London's major banks in the Sales and the Asian Speakers team. We were focused on product deployment campaigns, where we had to analyse a new product and pitch it to different sectors in the financial markets; most of the people we were speaking to were already clients. In addition to this, we had the opportunity to analyse multiple aspects of financial data, making sure that the statistics and models created for clients were right and were fulfilling their needs. I also had the opportunity to attend client meetings with companies including HSBC, Citi Bank, Goldman Sachs and Nomura. Overall, the experience has been invaluable, my network of connections within the financial markets has grown exponentially and I am eager to see what this experience will bring in the near future. During my time at the firm, I was always focused on making the largest impact possible; as a result I received the 2017 Intern of the Year Award as the Best Performing Summer Analyst, in an intake of 139 individuals.

What did you enjoy the most whilst on placement?

Definitely the exposure and the opportunity to network with highly-skilled, determined and ambitious individuals within Bloomberg was unique. I arranged more than 15 meetings within different sections of the business, allowing me to expand my horizons and increase my understanding of the overall business.

What have you learnt?   

There are different types of knowledge I’ve improved on throughout my internship at Bloomberg LP. From financial knowledge (understanding what a BOND, a SWAP or a simple Financial YIELD is), cultural knowledge (the ability to integrate to the workflow and schedules of people from other countries), and personal knowledge, by developing the resilience and the confidence needed to work over 60-70 hours a week.

What were the most notable highlights/achievements of your placement?

Definitely winning the “Business Intern of the Year” title has been a remarkable achievement. However, the network of people I developed throughout my time at the company and the connections with the other interns will help support my career going forward.

What would be your advice for anyone looking for an internship?

My best advice is: have a plan and start applying early. When competing for spots in such large companies you need to understand that there are thousands of other students applying that are all from high level universities and backgrounds. There is no room for disorganisation and poor time management skills in the modern world of business.

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