Fiona Cowley's story for International Women's Day

Fiona studied our Business and Enterprise degree, graduated in 2016 and is now a Marketing Executive at Pearson College London.

Thoughts on the future of business?

I think we way in which people make money is changing drastically and people can really do anything to earn a living with platforms like the internet and social media. From being a Youtube star to a travel blogger, you can really be creative with how you work and when you work. I think the 9-5 working style will become less and less common as boundaries of time and distance become blurred.

What are the biggest challenges of being a woman in their career?

The industry I work in is actually quite female dominated so I can’t say I have faced particular challenges because I’m a woman. I’ve always had strong female figures to look up to and my mum has always been really hard working so I am lucky in that sense. However, I am aware this isn’t the same for many and thankfully more people are starting to realise that it needs to be a priority in certain industries.

What have you enjoyed most so far in your career?

I have enjoyed the responsibility I've been given and the chance to make a difference in a company. I’m grateful to work in a company that wants to hear from all employees, no matter what their role is. I've also enjoyed the practical element of working after studying for three years and I know that I could never study again full time without a really practical focus.

Have you had any mentors along the way?

I haven't had any appointed mentors but there are plenty of people who I have looked up to and trusted during my studies and start of my career. These are usually positive people who have taken a chance on me or have a real love for what they do or teach. I loved listening and learning from lecturers with interesting stories to tell.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who create work and businesses for themselves based on a passion for something. I think it's really important to spend your life doing something you love and if you’re brave enough to do something that isn’t following a more traditional path but instead going it alone to set up something that is more true to them then I find that really inspiring.