Standing out after graduation


The current job market

It comes as no surprise to the thousands of graduates each year the fierce competition they experience when searching for their first job. Many graduate information sites suggest you have a 10% chance of being accepted on to the big firms’ graduate schemes, evidencing just how fierce the graduate job market has become.

However, a report on the 2018 graduate market suggests there will be a 3.6% increase in graduate roles this year. Despite this, graduate opportunities are still rigorous in their recruitment processes, something which University doesn’t prepare you for. Most applications will require you to sit for a series of online tests involving verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and situational judgement scenarios, so start practising well before you look to apply!

Why a degree isn’t enough

Many firms now place a larger focus on candidate’s soft skills as opposed to their degree subject or even classification. While most graduate schemes ask for at least a 2:1, the majority are ambiguous as to the degree subject and some firms only ask for a 2:2. This demonstrates how an employers focus is shifting from technical skills to personal skills, such as teamwork and leadership.

Degrees at Pearson College London don’t just focus on technical ability. The assessments range from report writing and presentations to exams and independent research. Using a range of assessment methods enables us as students to develop almost every necessary business skill, in order to give us the best chance in succeeding when we do eventually go to work. Pearson Business School also holds a number of industry days and workshops throughout the academic year, broadening students’ knowledge of opportunities and life outside of University.

The importance of experience

Work experience demonstrates your willingness to set foot in the working environment and gives you the opportunity to experience working life first hand. At Pearson Business School, provided you meet academic, you receive a guaranteed internship as part of their guaranteed internship scheme, this ensures you have the opportunity to gain experience in whatever field of work you choose.

Making yourself stand out

What makes you unique?

This is one of the most common questions I’ve seen on job descriptions and is difficult when your competition is likely to be students of a similar age and similar or even better academic background to yourself. It’s important to consider what makes you unique outside of university, or what you have done at university that others will not have had the opportunity to do. Pearson Business School offers many fantastic opportunities, which include international travel - for example, an internship in India and business challenges in Estonia were just two of the opportunities we had last year. Pearson Business School also offers you the opportunity to accelerate your degree and condense it into just two years, squeezing in an extra two terms over the two summer periods, meaning you graduate a year ahead of your peers. This offers a fantastic opportunity to make yourself stand out, and gives you a year’s head start on all the competition, as well as demonstrating your time-management qualities. Overall, there is no easy way to secure a top graduate programme after graduating, but Pearson College London give you a good head start and a number of opportunities to expand your options for after graduation!

- Written by Nicola Hatfield

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