National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2018) happens every year in March and is a great opportunity for young, driven and ambitious people to showcase what they have achieved over the past year through their apprenticeship. This short gap allows those who have taken the leap into an apprenticeship to share their experiences and show that apprenticeships don't deserve the stigma that is often associated with them. 

In keeping with this, I was given the opportunity to sit on a panel for a teacher and career advisor event held by Pearson College London to discuss Degree Apprenticeships in particular and the benefits associated with them. 

The event took place on Monday 5th March on the 10th floor of 80 Strand, a stunning location for any event with views stretching across both ends of the Thames river. The event was run by Pearson in association with Young Professionals UK, a company run and owned by Pearson College London student Dan Miller. The evening began with some introductions over tea, coffee and biscuits giving the attendees a chance to become acquainted with one another. Once all the guests had arrived, we proceeded to the room to begin the discussion of which there was expected to be some intrigue.

The session began with introductions from the panelists to the audience. The panelists included Will Holt, Dean of Pearson Business School, Ann Potterton, BT Apprenticeship Team, Tor Redman, BDO Career Resourcing Lead, Clare Tomkins, EY Student Recruitment and myself. After all the pleasantries, the discussion was underway. Caroline Cox from the Pearson College London Marketing Team was chairing the discussion and began with some questions to the panel.

The questions were eclectic and were designed to give as much insight into Degree Apprenticeships as much as possible. The topic areas included the application process, managing workload, time management and questions around the experiences of the scheme itself. Myself and the rest of the panel tried to give the most comprehensive and honest answers for the audience’s understanding. Some of the questions were directed towards me with the subject focused on my experience as a degree apprentice on the scheme. This was a great joy for me, since I've had such an amazing experience so far and being able to portray that to an audience was very much an enjoyable experience. Following the main questions, there was a tirade of other questions from a highly engaged audience which made for a very interesting discussion between them and the panelists.

At the end of the discussion, everyone had a chance to network and chat over some drinks. I also gained some feedback on the event with everyone saying they found the session very helpful and worthwhile. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, one which I would very much like to take part in again in the future.

- Written by, Charlie Fox Rotational Degree Apprentice