Pearson Business School students join John Fallon, CEO of Pearson, for lunch

Our students are immersed in industry from the day that they start their degree with us; on 11th April, 3 of our business school students were invited to meet and have lunch with the CEO of Pearson, John Fallon. The students talked about their interests, career ambitions for the future and John shared his experiences with them as well as a few words of wisdom. 

Here’s what our students thought about the experience:

Clive Tinovimbanashe Nyawo, Pearson Business School student

“Not everyone gets the chance to meet the CEO of a FTSE 100 company, let alone have lunch with them. I am so humbled by the experience where I got to have lunch with John Fallon - CEO of Pearson, Els Howard - Director of HE Partnerships and my project team (Skillboost).

The meeting started off with laughter and joy as John was sharing his passion for running marathons. Funny enough, I was volun-cheering for the London Landmarks Marathon three weeks ago and I spotted John at the 7.2 mile mark whilst he was running.

I felt at ease knowing that I shared something in common with John. We then proceeded onto the introductions where we got to share with John who we are and what we do outside of Pearson. This was interesting as we got to connect deeply, exchanging conversation and got to ask questions.                                         
John's advice for success was to 'find out what's important/your purpose and to do the things you enjoy the most whilst adding value to the lives of others.'  I also learnt that being adaptable is key it be in business or in life. It’s okay to take a step back, as long as you are learning along the way.The whole experience for me was truly remarkable. I feel very lucky to be studying in an environment that’s purpose driven and led by John who’s very motivational and inspiring. I am looking forward to more future opportunities here at Pearson.”

Orla Enright, Pearson Business School Student

“Our lunch with John gave us all a fantastic insight into what it is like to be the CEO of a FTSE100 company,  John shared with us his wisdom, advice, experiences and kindly invited us to email him if we wanted any further words of wisdom!  The lunch consisted of us conversing about passions, favourite books and career ambitions. John also spoke in detail about his personal journey and his aims of completing the London Marathon this coming Summer.

From the lunch I took away a great amount,  from business contacts to mottos to live by,  it was also great to see inside John's fantastic office, which boasts a beautiful view of Embankment. The one thing that struck me the most from the experience with John was how humble he was, I could see this greatly from the way he treated his staff and how he engaged with us. It is something that will always stick with me.”

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