Welcome, from the 2018 PCSA

Frances Trought

If you’re a new student, potential student, parent or just a fan of Pearson College London, then you’re probably wondering what the PCSA is.

The PCSA are here to represent all students at Pearson College London, ensuring their university needs are met and that they get the most out of life in the BIG CITY. The PCSA is made up of second year students from across the college and each member has a very specific role to play.

What can the PCSA offer you?

Joining a society at Pearson College London is a fantastic way to meet new people, master a new hobby or skill and get involved in university life in the heart of London. Here at Pearson, we are committed to ensuring the best student experience and a large part of that is through personal development outside the classroom walls. Whether you need a break from the regular academia or want to do something different outside of lectures, you’re likely to find it within the diverse societies Pearson has to offer. Any student can join any society regardless of previous experience and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact the PCSA and inquire about setting up a new society. We hope to increase student involvement, helping you meet your passions and discover something new by pursuing your own intellectual interests. So, get involved as much as you can and make your mark here at Pearson.

Sport at Pearson this year is being rejuvenated and being made more inclusive for everyone. The planned sports for this year are Football, Rugby, Netball and Esports. However, any sport that is popular either amongst Business School or Escape Studios students can be introduced. Additionally, the goal for this year is to have every team competing in leagues against other Universities and entering various competitions. There will also be other events such as charity tournaments, along with fun sport related days out... we look forward to seeing you at the annual paintballing day out!

This year will be the best offering of events Pearson College London students have ever seen! Kicking-off with freshers 2018, you will enjoy a week full of amazing day and night events, which is a fantastic opportunity to meet and socialise with fellow students. The week ends with the infamous Pearson College London boat party, which is always a night to remember. Although the fun doesn’t end at freshers, expect great social events throughout your first year.

Meet the PCSA

From left to right: 

Clive Nyawo (Head of Charities), Michael Dhesi (Financial Reporting Manager), Harrison Chambers (Head of Sports), Jake Buckley (Head of Events), Kuran Munday (Financial Liaison Manager), Andrew “Buzz” Siredzuk (PCSA President), Simran Wadhawan (PCSA Vice-President), Kelly Chau (Financial Budgeting and Funding Manager), Donally Gonsalves (Head of Societies)

...and not forgetting our Degree Apprentice and Escape Studios representatives

Becky Tweedale
Degree Apprentice Representative       

Friedrich Schneidau
Escape Studios Representative       

Enjoy your summer, and we look forward to welcoming you to Pearson College London soon!