The real Dragon’s Den: Pearson Business School students respond to live briefs set by Levi Roots, Vodafone and The Insiders

Everything that we do at Pearson Business School is connected to industry and when students were welcomed back on 17th September, there was no hanging around. We welcomed three industry speakers, who set our returning students and new students three challenges - Levi Roots, Vodafone and The Insiders.

What were the challenges?

Vodafone - develop a social by design campaign
After welcoming students back from the summer break they were thrown into the deep end and set a challenge by one of the biggest phone network providers, Vodafone. Students had to work in teams to design a campaign that would help to increase awareness of the V by Vodafone range and engage with their target audiences. They had to take into considerations including social by design and branding. They then had two days to work together to create a strategy of ideas and insight and present them during a 10 minute creative presentation.

The Insiders - influencer marketing campaign
The second challenge of the week came from The Insiders. Lisiane, who works as a Campaign Manager for the company explained to students what influencer marketing was, how it impacts product sales and how they could create their own influencer campaigns. After the introduction, the students then had less than an hour to develop their own campaign to promote a product. The students had to consider the campaign goal, measurements, target audience, identify influencers and make sure they chose relevant influencers and social media platforms.

Levi Roots Business Club
The third and final challenge of the week came from the leading entrepreneur, Levi Roots. If anyone knows anything about presenting it’s him. He visited Pearson Business School to set the students a challenge based around his new venture, the Levi Roots Business Club which he has set up to help support student enterprises. Students who took part in the challenge had to pitch ideas to Levi that would help his Business Club; students had to consider the different challenges that student entrepreneurs  could face and make recommendations on how they could overcome these. The students then had little time to come up with ideas as Levi wanted them to work under pressure and for them to think on their feet. After the time was up, the students then had to present to Levi and he gave everyone feedback on their ideas and presentation skills as well as advice on how they could improve them for the future. Challenges like these help students to learn how to present in a formal manner, think on the spot and build up their confidence.

Workshops and tasks like these are an essential part of the student experience at Pearson Business School as they expose students to industry and teach them vital skills such as presentation techniques, meeting deadlines and achieving successful group work.

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