Pearson Business School welcomes international guests from China

On Monday 4th March, we welcomed 30 lecturers from colleges* from across China to Pearson Business School campus.

The visit was arranged through Rob Farag - Oxford International Education Group with Jenny Zeng - JESIE Director as part of a 21 day teacher training programme. The purpose of the visit was to Pearson College London is to find out more about degree apprenticeships and compare and contrast our model with what they currently offer at their own institutions. The visit was also an opportunity to build relationships and share resources and expertise.

During their visit, the lecturers found out how we approach degree apprenticeships and work with our industry partners. They also met our current degree apprentices and found out why they chose to study a degree apprenticeship at Pearson Business School; they also heard from them first-hand about how they manage their work/life balance. Lastly, they found out more about our industry partners, how we’ve worked with them to-date, why we place so much value on an industry-focused education and the Apprenticeship Levy and how it works.

One of our students who took part in the Q&A, Jasmine Maltby - Pearson Business School Student Experience Coordinator had this to say about the experience:  

“I took part in a Q&A with a colleague of mine Jordan and we aimed to answer any questions they might have from the apprentice's point of view. The questions were mostly focused on our contract with our employer and how our salaries were composed. They seemed interested in how the company benefits from the 20% off the job training whilst also asking if we were still paid for the day we were not at ‘work’. They often asked about our job roles and if we as apprentices are given responsibilities and not just “making cups of tea!”. Jordan and I both explained our job roles and how they have progressed over time. For example, when we first started our work revolved more around shadowing to learn but as we became more confident our responsibilities also increased. The strange thing about this panel discussion was that we had to be interpreted as most visitors didn’t speak much English, this was a new experience for me as I have never been translated before! It was great to see the success of the UK apprenticeships, especially how degree apprenticeships, are being spread worldwide - hopefully, it is something which could be adopted!”

*List of colleges in attendance - including Nanjing Mochou Vocational School, Kunshan No.2 Vocational School, Jiangsu Rudong Secondary Vocational School, Jiangsu Province Donghai Secondary Specialized School, Jiangsu  Lianyungang Industry Vocational Technical School, LYG Secondary Vocational School in Jiangsu, Jiangsu Wujin Secondary Specialized School, Changzhou Liuguojun Vocational Technology College, Huaiyin Secondary Vocational School of Jiangsu Nanjing Jinling Technical Vocational College, Yancheng Higher Vocational School of Mechanical & Electrical, Yancheng Biological Engineering Higher Vocational, Yancheng Advanced Vocational School, Taizhou Higher Vocational School Of Mechanical & Electrical Technology, Jiangsu Xinghua Secondary Specialized School, Wuxi Vocational and Technical Higher School of Automobile &  Engineering, Wuxi Higher Vocational School of Tourism & Commerce, Jiangsu Suqian Economic Vocational and Technical College, Jiangsu Suqian Secondary Vocational School, Jiangsu Chefu Secondary Vocational School, Xuzhou Vocational Technology Academy of Finance & Economics, Yangzhou Tourism & Business Vocational School in Jiangsu Province, Hanjiang Secondary Specialized School, Jiangsu Danyang Specialized Secondary School and Zhenjiang Vocational Technical College, 

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*subject to academic performance