Our Start-ups in Residence

To help inspire students, Pearson Business School launched the Start-up in Residence Programme as an opportunity for new startups to move into its campus in Holborn, London, for 12 months.  The initiative encouraged an entrepreneurial mindset and gave students an opportunity to learn directly from them; and it’s also a way for students to find out what life is really like as an entrepreneur and the reality of working for a start-up. 

This year, Pearson Business School ran the recruitment process again, giving students the opportunity to collectively decide which new start-up would fill the incubation space. After a pitching process, three new start-ups were successfully chosen by students for the business incubator programme: PetInstincts, AllEyes and Tabled

In previous years, start-ups have included The Access Platform (TAP), ERIC and Brightshift.

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"Things changed so quickly when work had to go virtual, but being part of a exciting startup meant we could move as quickly as possible to keep our momentum going. Working closely with WedRevo’s founders and Pearson Business School we are building communities better than ever and business is looking great"

Marco Milkovic


PetInstincts presents a well-being monitoring service that provides the means to monitor and care for a pet’s behaviour and welfare at all times, even when you’re not there. 

Pets are complex creatures that require a lot of care and understanding in order for them to stay happy. In the UK alone 2.1 million dogs are left home alone for 5 or more hours on a typical weekday. So much boredom, isolation and under stimulation can have a dramatic impact on a dog’s well-being with 8/10 dogs in the UK experiencing Separation Anxiety. 

We believe that a pet’s mental health is just as important to care for as their physical health and are building technology-based solutions that improve the health & well-being of all pets.


All Eyes is fuelling fashion’s future by transforming the way creatives work.

In 2020, with 90% of the creative industry working-from-home, teams turned to a combination of apps as they struggled to replicate face-to-face collaboration. Times have clearly changed, but the creative process is still stuck in the past. It’s always been siloed, but today with a hybridised WFH model, a creator economy boom and a digital fashion renaissance on the horizon, we believe it’s time to reinvent the wheel.

With 82% of UK Gen Z-ers believing that their generation is going to be known for creation, the All Eyes mission is simple - Empower the next generation of fashion tastemakers by arming them with insights, communities and tools for the future.

Due for release soon, AllEyes.io is a web platform enabling creatives to digitally enhance their process to co-create better together, while they’re apart.


Tabled is building the operating system for legal services, with a collaboration and automation platform making it easier to work with lawyers because they can provide efficient, data driven client service. 

Tabled combines workflow, CRM and machine learning to provide a working environment positioned to handle the unique needs of lawyers and compliance officers.    

Workflow enables project management and distributed working, including incorporating outside advisors within collaboration spaces to allow for scalable legal teams which is an increasing trend. The platform automates analytics, triage and reporting and is being built to automate more advanced skills in the future.  

Our machine learning and advanced data pipeline extracts clause information from contracts and other legal data, turning legal contracts into data and enabling workflows and unique value for clients such as risk analysis and in the future, automated review and triage of incoming work requests based on content. 

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