Our in-house Business Incubator

To help inspire students, Pearson Business School launched a Business Incubator Programme, an opportunity for a new startup to move into its campus in Holborn, London, for 12 months.  The initiative encouraged an entrepreneurial mindset and gave students an opportunity to learn directly from them; and it’s also a way for students to find out what life is really like as an entrepreneur and the reality of working for a start-up. 

In 2017, The Access Platform (TAP) competed against other organisations, to become their first in-house incubator company.

In 2019 when Pearson Business School ran the recruitment process again, giving students the opportunity to collectively decide which new start-up would fill the incubation space. After a pitching process, three new start-ups were successfully chosen by students for the business incubator programme: Bright/Shift, ERIC and Green&Grow.

The Original Business Incubator - The Access Platform (TAP)

We believe that university applicants should have access to speak to students and staff without having to attend an Open Day or be lucky enough to have friends at the universities they're interested in. We build simple and safe technology for universities, that allows them to make their representatives available to prospective students online and in a way that is easy and intuitive to use. This helps prospective students make more informed and more confident decisions about higher education when applying to universities who use our platform.


Bright/Shift is a full-service social agency helping purpose-led brands make the most significant impact possible through social media. 

Bright/Shift understands the transformative link that social media has on culture, and are driven to leverage this for good by partnering with the new generation of challenger brand who view societal issues as business opportunities in disguise. Did you know that:

  • 4 hours and 45 minutes per day are spent online;
  • 2 hours and 53 minutes are spent on mobile and social daily?

That is a lot of time that people are spending on social media. If everyone reading this checks the amount of time they are spending on their phone, it will give you a breakdown of how much time you spend on social. The amount of time we spend online has a profound influence on our view on the world.

There are fraudulent agencies and fraudulent people taking advantage of this because it is so easy to do it. For example the Fyre Festival caused a phenomenon and sold out so quickly due to the volume of influencers posting about it on social media.

We want to take advantage of the power that social media has on people across the world and use it for good by working with companies that want to change the world.


ERIC is an alternative careers service for young people who want to be creative or get into the creative industries. So, we are an educator on the various different options you can choose within the creative industries and also we are trying to change the perceptions of entry to the creative industries.

ERIC has three channels: ERIC Festival, ERIC Mag and ERIC Social. ERIC festival is a modern careers fair which is more fun and relevant for the young people that we are targeting. ERIC Mag is an online magazine that we run in a ‘buzz feed’ style; and ERIC Social is mainly our Instagram which is where we promote jobs and opportunities to young people.


Our mission is to help regenerate the earth using consumerism. Our plan is to create amazing products that solve problems and create value in your lives whilst actively improving the world around you. For example when you buy our Green&Grow Biochar not only are you growing bigger healthier plants whilst reducing watering and feeding by 50% your also helping to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. When you buy a 10kg bag of Green&Grow Biochar you are preventing the equivalent CO2 emissions from 171 miles of driving from entering the atmosphere!

Green&Grow is our first brand that we are commercialising that at the moment. This product is a form of charcoal that you can put into your potting mix to increase plant growth whilst reducing watering and fertilising.

Green&Grow Biochar is made up of carbon that used to be in the sky. A tree absorbs the carbon from the air until someone cuts it down for furniture or paper etc, creating a lot of wood waste. We take this unwanted wood and run it through a process to convert it to pure carbon which does not biodegrade. This makes our Green&Grow Biochar carbon NEGATIVE as it is unable to break down and enter the atmosphere again. Our value proposition is that gardeners can add it to their potting mix, grow bigger healthier plants with 50% inputs you and overtime reduce their carbon footprint to zero.