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Our EDU series of The Enterprise Festival is perfect for school and college aged students interested in pursuing a career in Business. Whether you feel passionate about starting up your own business or you dream about working within a large corporation, these event recordings will help you understand how to get started.  

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You face a lot of new and exciting changes when looking for your first job. Our brand-new, Employability Guide is here to help you through these changes by equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to enter the job market with confidence.

Enterprise Festival EDU

The Enterprise Festival EDU has finished for another year and what a fantastic event it was! If you're a college or school student interested in pursuing a career in business, check out the recordings to hear from both experienced and new entrepreneurs.


Last Autumn at Pearson Business School we hosted our first ever virtual TED x PCL event. It was a fantastic, motivational event with a vast range of topics varying from ‘The advantages of being disadvantaged’ and ‘The power of meaningful networking’ to and ‘The science of online dating’. 

The talks were be given by academics who shared their advice about taking your next steps and creating awareness of various different subjects.

Why Now is the Time to Unlearn Everything We've Been Taught About Work

Sofia Lindman | TEDxPCL

When the world becomes your office, there comes a truly freeing feeling. After battling illness and mourning Sofia came to a life-changing realisation that she wanted to become a digital nomad. From remote villages in Kazakstan to the Sri Lankan jungles, Sofia is making the most of the world and invites you to do so as

The Advantages of Being 'Disadvantaged'

Samuel Okusaga | TEDxPCL

Many children grow up around the world in sub-ideal conditions. Sam’s story starts in South East London where he shared a bed with his brother, dreaming of one day living in a house with a garden. From visualisation to world class mentors, Sam has used that tough upbringing to his advantage and serves as an inspiration to youngsters everywhere.

The Science of Online Dating

Bella Glanville | TEDxPCL

The eternal search for true love continues to boggle scientists’ minds to such a point they created algorithms for it. What if those algorithms were actually gunk? Some psychological studies suggest they might be. This talk discusses the scientific theories behind the personas that we find on the internet, and what makes an online relationship sustainable vs unendurable.

The Secret Upside of Dyslexia: Not a Disability but a Superpower

Ryan Conlan | TEDxPCL

5% to 10% of the global population have Dyslexia, yet it is still seen as a disability. Ryan recounts comic tales to shed light on the fact Dyslexia has many advantages, some of the greatest creatives have Dyslexia. The world shouldn’t see it as a negative trait but rather a driver for creativity, problem solving and innovation.

The Joy of Being Naïve

Chris Jones | TEDxPCL

In an age where humans are living longer and longer, why limit yourself to the one profession? Especially considering the addition of skills throughout industries leads to massive innovation. Chris explains how being naive can be a fantastic driver for creativity and growth.

Trial & Error to CEO

Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor | TEDxPCL

Lucy, like most young people wasn’t sure what she wanted to do later on in life. Lucy wasn’t sure either. Through hard work, trial, error and a sprinkle of luck, she wound up running her own VFX firm. From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones to James Bond, Lucy recounts her journey to success. This energetic and encouraging talk covers Lucy's extraordinary journey…


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Pearson Business School alumni podcast
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Catch up with our Alumni

We've been catching up with some of our alumni over lockdown to find out what they've been up to since graduating. We love to hear about their success... from setting up their own businesses to working at large corporations such as Bloomberg

Listen in to find out what they wished they'd known when they were studying their degree, before setting up a business or during their first job applications!

Andrea Valente

Financial Analyst, Bloomberg 
Business Management with Entrepreneurship Alumni

Chris Achiampong

Client Executive, IBM
Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice

Emily Hale

Founder of Build & Breathe Pilates
Business Management with Entrepreneurship Alumni

Rea Averill

CEO, Agency A
Business Management with Marketing Alumni

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