At Pearson College London, we believe that learning goes beyond the classroom. Our Tech Hub is packed with essential online learning resources and opportunities for professional development in Data Science, so you can continue to learn from the comfort of your own home. 

Our central activities

The aim of Tech Hub is to become a hub of useful information, advice, and resources that have been created, curated, and collated by experts in the data industry

It builds on the core strengths and activities of Pearson College London, taking the best of what is already being done at Escape Studios and Pearson Business School and making it part of our institutional DNA.

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Collection of everyday, relatable content that further explores data in the wider community. 


Yes you heard us right, 31st March celebrated World Backup Day. It’s not too late to take the pledge than risk the heartbreak of losing your precious files. So make sure you protect your data and backup!


Celebrating 1 year since Microsoft launched its virtual datacenter tour… viewers curious about what the ‘cloud’ actually looks like get to take a sneak peak behind the curtain!


Helping social change using data science, this charity does exceptional work in the community through its project work and network of committed professionals.


If you haven’t watched The Dropout, it serves as a reminder for us all that technology is only groundbreaking when it actually works! What do you think about the Theranos scandal?

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One could argue that all data science roles are hybrid – mixing of data skills with that of your own experience, interests, or the company’s industry. But how can our next generation of data workers prepare for this? And where is demand?

Machine learning skills are unsurprisingly short-listed as those of most high value to date… need-to-know languages, how to unpack large data sets, and statistical principles for performing algorithms are all vital. For many this may fill with them with dread, but these desirable skills are not outside of anyone’s scope and there are plenty of opportunities to learn these in practice with others in the community.  

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Take a look at the collection of learning resources recommended by our experts. 

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Beginners: Role based certifications

Microsoft Learn’s role-based certifications allow you to experiment and develop solutions to complex business needs. Whether you're interested in data science, data analysis, or data engineering, this one stop shop of modules and learning paths is excellent to familiarise yourself with tools and platforms in the Microsoft suite.

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AWS Skills Builder platform is great space to access on-demand skills training online. They recently launched a game-based course to teach cloud computing skills for those in the business that make it easier and much more fun for early career or new-to-cloud adult learners. As always, we recommend practicing your skills using one of their ten new labs.  

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Google’s Dataset repository is on a mission to foster a data sharing ecosystem that will encourage publishers to follow best practice and give scientists a way to show the impact of their work. Built for everyone, there are over 25 million datasets available at your fingertips. Everything from Covid-19, energy prices, to giraffe’s ground reaction forces and strides (yes that’s right!). 

Under the microscope

Driving action from insight

As we continue to make claims about the value of data, a Seagate report recently found only 43% of collected data in organisations have been leveraged, and a mere 27% derive actionable insight!

Where is it all going wrong? The trillion-dollar data problem is nothing to be ignored. Poor quality data, inconsistent infrastructure, lack of duplicate checks, change and growth in data sets. Regardless of if they are all contributing to the problem or not, what we do know is huge investments are being made.

ReadySet has just raised $29M with the help of angel investors to speed up its database infrastructure to help developers build real-time applications. The star of the show though is Brett Hurt’s latest venture Data.World that have just raised another $50M in Series C funding. Check out their cloud-native platform that turn data workers into knowledge superheroes (their words not ours!)

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The importance of networking. Find out more from our in-house expert, tune into webinars and online events, or get the latest updates. 

Data Science Festival

Share knowledge, contribute content, connect with people and companies, whatever your reason for getting involved then this is the place!   

The Data Science Festival is a free, annual, celebration of all things data science. It consists of lectures, workshops, demos, code sprints, panel discussions and social events spread across London.

Even if you can’t join during the week, there are a range of sandbox sessions available to join now…

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