Supported by ESREA, Pearson College London will host an international book-launch conference on work integrated learning this April.The Conference will take place on 29th April 2021 at 09:00 - 12:00 (BST), and again at 17:00 - 20:00 (BST). The agenda will be duplicated to allow for participation from different time zones. Start times in different time zone.

AM sessions: 09:00 - 12:00 (BST)

  • London, United Kingdom: 09:00 BST
  • Berlin, Germany: 10:00 CEST
  • Nicosia, Cyprus: 11:00 EEST
  • Vancouver, Canada: 01:00 PDTB
  • Brisbane, Australia: 18:00 AEST

PM Sessions: 17:00 – 20:00 (BST)

  • London, United Kingdom: 17:00 BST
  • Berlin, Germany: 18:00 CEST
  • Nicosia, Cyprus: 19:00 EEST
  • Vancouver, Canada: 09:00 PDT
  • Brisbane, Australia: 02:00 AEST


Pearson College London, part of Pearson plc, a FTSE 100 and global education company, will host an international conference to celebrate the publication of a new book: Applications of Work Integrated Learning Among Gen Z and Y Students.

The book contains 13 chapters from practitioners from the US, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Cyprus, India, and Australia focusing on work-integrated learning. The book is edited by Paulette Annon from the London School of Economics and Pearson College London Business School tutor Dr. Trevor Gerhardt. 

 “I'm delighted that Pearson College London is hosting this international Work Integrated Learning conference. Work Integrated Learning, and our partnership with employers, is at the heart of what we do at the College. The spectrum of work integrating learning activities we engage with range from guest lectures and mentorship, through curriculum design and assessment, to internships and professional experiences.  We are pleased to support experts from around the world to collaborate at this exciting event.” 

- Roxanne Stockwell, Principal, Pearson College London


Supported by the Working Life and Learning Network of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA), the conference agenda comprises speakers who have authored chapters in the new publication, including the president of the World Association of Cooperative Education (WACE), Dr Nancy Johnston.

Sessions and speakers

Beyond Discipline-Based Work-Integrated Learning Placements in Engineering and Science Dr Stuart Palmer and Dr Karen Young
Putting Industry into WIL Teaching Praxis Engaging Creative Industries for Lifelong Employability Mr Jeff Naqvi
The Acquisition of Skills and Expertise - Work Based Learning  Dr Joanne M Gosling 
Preparing Gen Y & Z for the Future of Work Through Co-operative Education: A Case Study on the University of Waterloo  Dr Judene Pretti and Dr Norah McRae 
Entrepreneurial Work-Integrated Learning  Dr. Alon Eisenstein and Ms Neta Raz 
A Critical Analysis of Multi-logical Synergies  Dr Trevor Gerhardt, Ms Ashton Wallis and Mr Frasier Crouch 
Designing Work-Based Learning Approaches for Gen Y, Gen Z and Beyond  Dr Paula McIver Nottingham 
Examining Feedback Practices in WIL Subjects  Ms Phoebe Rankin, Dr Bonnie Amelia Dean and Prof Michelle J Eady 
From graduate to employee - the birth of the fully-fledged lecturer A case study of the Teaching Fellows Programme  Ms. Paulette J. Annon, Mr Maurice Lukadi and Mrs Annette Warner 
Practices and perspectives of first-year WIL activities: A case study of primary teacher education  Mrs Hannah Milliken, Prof Michelle J Eady and Dr Bonnie Amelia Dean 
Global Calls to Action for Work Integrated Education: The WACE Charter and Applications for Gen X and Y  Dr Nancy Johnston 
Developing Gen Y Competencies for the New Work Environment Comparing and Contrasting Four Work Integrated Learning Approaches across National Contexts  Dr Pierre Faller, Dr Irina Lokhtina, Dr Andrea Galimberti and Dr Elzbieta Sanojca 


Attendees can register free-of-charge here


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Link to Applications of Work Integrated Learning Among Gen Z and Y Students book

 Dr Gerhardt, a convenor of the ESREA Working Life and Learning Network, explains: “The key objective of the book is to propose Work Integrated Learning as a pedagogy in its own right based on actual case studies of practice and so define the terms, concepts and practices from a global perspective and make the link to the application among Gen Y and Z students.”   

He adds, “The conference will bring together practitioners from around the world to share from their experiences what new challenges GenY and Z will face as learners within the new ever-changing workplace.” 



Dr Roxanne Stockwell, Principal of Pearson College London

Dr Elizabeth Miller, Deputy Dean at Pearson Business School

Nathalie Peach, Director of Work Integrated Learning at Pearson College London

Dr Irina Lokhtina, Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Leadership at the University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus

Dr Elzbieta Sanojca, Lecturer in Adult Education in University of Strasbourg

Dr Trevor Gerhardt, Freelance Senior Lecturer

Dr Pierre Faller, Faculty Member Columbia University Teachers College, Organizational Consultant

Dr Andrea Galimberti, Fixed-term researcher University of Milano-Bicocca

About the organisers

Pearson College London’s mission is to become one of the UK's leading universities for in-depth industry engagement; our academic schools, Pearson Business School and Escape Studios are united by our mantra "designed, developed and delivered in partnership with industry". Immersed in the industry from day one, our students learn from successful companies, inspirational industry figures, and leading academics. 

ESREA promotes and disseminates theoretical and empirical research on the education of adults and adult learning in Europe through research networks, conferences and publications. Its work is split into networks such as the Working Life and Learning network, which focuses on workplace learning and who also have contributed a chapter to the publication.  

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