The Unconference

The International Work Integrated Learning Unconference is a year-long programme starting on the Friday 1st July 2022, continuing until the Saturday 31st July 2023, with a one-day conference scheduled on Wednesday 27th July 2022. The unconference theme is ‘New Problems, New Solutions’ within the field of work integrated learning. Following the conference on the 27th July, we hope to facilitate collaborative partnerships and networks working on some solutions. A day event reporting back on these will take place in July 2023.  


The Unconference event will have collaborative opportunities informing the shape of the day event on Wednesday 27th July 2022. These collaborative activities include Bubl challenges, podcasts, promotional videos, academic abstracts, polls and digital posters and reels.

On the 27th July, we will have a region A conference 0900-1200 (GMT) (Australia region), repeated 1700-2000 (GMT) for region B (USA region). There will be an opening and closing speaker with four interactive streams, focused on: 

  • Academic research 
  • Industry 
  • Institutions 
  • Students 

Registration is now closed for this event.

Three students walking and talking




  • Dr Trevor Gerhardt - Academic Lead for Work Integrated Learning, Pearson College London 
  • Dr Iro Konstantinou - Business Tutor, Pearson College London 
  • Chris Jones - Entrepreneurship Tutor 
  • Dr Boryana Peevska-Cutting - Deputy Vice-Principal (Academic Affairs), Pearson College London 
  • Dr Katja Jönsas - Principal Researcher, Pearson College London 
  • Saint Walker - Deputy Dean, Escape Studios 
  • Nathalie Peach - Director of Work Integrated Learning, Pearson College London 
  • Karen Donovan - Business Development Partner, Pearson College London 
Part of the organising committee

About the organisers

Pearson College London’s mission is to become one of the UK's leading universities for in-depth industry engagement; our academic schools, Pearson Business School and Escape Studios are united by our mantra "designed, developed and delivered in partnership with industry". Immersed in the industry from day one, our students learn from successful companies, inspirational industry figures, and leading academics.  

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