Our news stories highlight all the great things going on at Pearson College London, including our students’ achievements, so they’re a great way to keep up to date with life here.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: The cast & crew screening

    Guardians of the Galaxy: The cast & crew screening

    Seeing a film at the cinema is often a contained experience - you'll go with one or two other people, silently praying that no one else in the theatre makes a noise for the next three hours, arrive just in time then leave straight away afterwards, casually asking the opinion of your companions as you leave to see if the cramp in your butt was worth it.

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  • RWBY Returns!

    RWBY Returns!

    Hello folks, it's been a while hasn't it? Seems like an age since I last clamoured around the blogosphere. Well, here I am, making a triumphant return for your pleasure and amusement to talk once again about the amazing online show - RWBY!

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  • Thrones


    At Escape, we've been teaching visual effects for over 11 years. Our students have gone on to work on some of the biggest films ever made, the coolest TV shows, and the best adverts to have been created, all over the globe.  And yet, it still amazes me what the VFX community gets up to in its spare time!

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  • An Audience with Alien: Isolation

    An Audience with Alien: Isolation

    The original Alien is an incredible film. Arguably the granddaddy of space horror, it took the 70's corporation paranoia into the black, littered flawed and earnest characters throughout a floating factory and gave birth - quite literally - to one of the most terrifying creatures in cinema history.

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  • 47 Ronin: Samurai Spirit.

    47 Ronin: Samurai Spirit.

    There’s been a huge amount of excitement surrounding Keanu Reeves latest action flick 47 Ronin, which was released on Boxing Day. We know that the VFX community in particular have had watchful eyes on how the film is received given the high levels of attention the aesthetic of the film has been given in post.

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  • Games Consoles: The Next Generation.

    Games Consoles: The Next Generation.

    Let me start by clarifying; I don't have an Xbone, or a PS4. I haven't even played one yet. So this is a biased article in that respect. While the idea excites me, and if I just happened to have a spare grand to blow I would have picked them up just to have them, but because I need the money for more important things, like food, I'm still making my way through the current generation of games and consoles.

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  • Will VFX ruin your Halloween film night? Not necessarily...

    Will VFX ruin your Halloween film night? Not necessarily...

    Horror films, at their core, probably garner the least amount of respect from the intuitive film goer. It's not hard to see why, as most films are designed to be windows of escapism, where the viewer allows them self to get lost in the twists of the story and emotional journey of the characters, where horrors try to accomplish the opposite; filling you with fear and dread, jumping at loud noises, making it impossible to actually settle down during the film.

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  • Valve want to move from your bedroom to your sofa

    Valve want to move from your bedroom to your sofa

    Honestly, I was so busy driving over mountains on a motorbike to chase planes crashing into deserts in GTA V that I was barely even paying attention to Valve's triple announcements last week. They're making a new PC or something? I didn't care, there were heists to be having! Then this week, as I tried to play online, I received the same message as the other 10 million trying to get on...

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